I do remember 033 going up.  I was the crew chief of the rescue squad at the fire department.  The force of the explosion literally knocked the sleeping firemen out of their beds and onto our silver fire suits.  Abe, Dennis, and I were the first of the fire deptartment to get to the fire.  We learned upon arrival that there were two souls refueling.  Abe started screaming to get the adjacent planes away from the fire area.  Everyone was concerned that JP-4 could spread, burn and start the other B-52's on fire. We were running into the fire when the left fuel wing blew.  I do not know to this day why we all 3 lived through that one.  After the fire was suppressed, we found the two bodies and had to cut them out of the plane with our K-12 saw. I have memories of that night and early morning even 37 years later.  I would really like to see the picture of the aftermath mentioned by TLHorstead.

G. Griffith
Minot 1975 - 1976