I was part of the team that was doing the refuel at the time of the accident.  While Staff Sgt Mikkelson was the crew chief assigned to 1033, he was not present when the explosion occured.  For privacy reasons I do not wish to list the crew that was on site, especially the two poor souls that were lost that night.  I have very vivid memories of that night.  Needless to say there is quite a bit of miss information that has been posted to this subject.  FYI, the %$*$ pit was not separated from the burning plane at the time the airman managing the fuel panel got out.  It was titled up what seemed to be about 20 extra feet.  At that point the safety rope was not long enough to reach the ground.  When Oley pop out of that window (a very big man coming out of a relatively small whole) he let go of the rope and dropped.  I want to thank my crew for the good work they did in preventing addition aircraft from being damaged.  Let's all say a prayer for the two airman that lost their lives that night.  Hopefully I have not opened a can of worms with this post.