Finally, I found information of the B 52 ramp explosion that happened while I was stationed at Minot AFB from 1974 - 1976. I tried to find out what happened in detail but was unable to get information. Maybe with the Cold War at the time, we didn't want the Soviets to know what happened. 

I was the security Sargent of the Flight Line (ramp) on the night of the B 52 explosion (75). I was at the far side of the Flight Line checking on the security guards at the fast response hangar. I was in the gate house when the first explosion happened. I was thrown across the room a few seconds after a bright flash and then a very loud boom. 

I immediately reported the explosion to security command and told them that the explosion was on the ramp where the B52s and KC 135s were parked. 

There were several more smaller explosions that followed for quite some time. I was later told that these smaller explosions were from charges under the ejection seats that we're going off. I didn't know there were ejection seats in a B 52. 

After several hours of emergency personnel battling the fire and removing the bodies and munitions, I was told to secure the charred plane until the day shift security released me. 

I was told that two airman died in the plane while refueling and a third airman made it out the pilot's window but was badly burned. 

I was a little nervous walking around the charred plane thinking that munitions (bombs) might still be present. The plane was still smoldering and all that was left that was still recognizable was the tail, wing tips, nose and engines. Everything else was a pile of ash. 

I was also told later that it was a miracle the none of the other planes on the ramp were damaged. The explosions went straight up and away from the other planes. 

I'm really reluctant to bring up the topic of UFOs since it appears to be human error that caused the explosion but my first thought when I saw the explosion was "UFO". 

For several months prior to the B 52 incident at Minot AFB in 1975, Air Force security was getting numerous reports of UFOs (hovering lights)
flying over the base perimeter at night. 

We were told that the orbs of light that security and other personnel were seeing was just swamp gas and to ignore it. 

My heart and prayers go out to the families of their loved ones that lost their lives that night in 1975.