This was a tranfer procedure. They hadnt started the refuel yet. They were transferring fuel from the body tanks into the wing tanks. I think the two guys in the wheel well were hooking up the fueling station at the time of the incident.
I believe the other 4 were returning from midnight chow, or getting box lunches.
I had a friend that was in POL-QC, who was part of the investigation team. Hence, direct details. I belive the fuel pump shorted out internally. The explosion was from an almost empty body tank full of fumes. One thing you dont mess with in Minot, B52's wiith open fuel tanks full of fumes and the inherent enviorment of static electricity in the winter months in North Dakota. Ask anyone who did fuel systems, or worked around the re-fueling. You dont mess with that!!

Not long after this incident, I was on a engine run on a KC-135,which had a repaired fuel tranfer line, that wasnt tightened, open up and doused the whole front fuselage and spilled about 200-300 gallons of JP4 onto the ground while the MA-1A was running. When I came out of the hatch, I was standing in JP-4, next to the aircart running, confused as to thinking this was water. The guys in the truck yelling at me to run, then I realized what was going on. Holly crap, that was as cloes as it would get.  What a mess that would have caused, if it would have ignigted, I wouldnt be writing this, but in a better place.

God bless those two who were in the wheel well.
(5th FMS Jan 75-September 77)(FM3 Flightline Truck)