I worked with a guy--a Lt. Colonel the same age as Daspit. I was tryign to find him but forgot his name. He had a very bad limp and I was told he was the only RN to eject at low level and survive--he had to wait all night to be rescued. He was about 45 when he retired--I'm pretty sure it's Daspit. I was in the vault at Fairchild--I arrive January 7, 1990--so it if was the same guy then he retired in '90 or '91. It would've been December '90 if it was '90. I remember going to his ceremony. Nice guy. I've heard of Bill Beavers through circles but never met him--I think we're facebook friend, Bill! I'm Mikee Paul--back then I was SSgt Michael Paul. I assure you he did not retire in '89--I didn't meet him 'till '90.

I was talking to a friend last night and he came up so I started searching. The crash was October 1984 (when I was still a civillian). I found Gene Daspit on facebook. It almost has to be him.