Just came across thiss and it brought back memories.

I worked BUFFS at Fairchild AFB from 78-80 and 82-83
I worked mostly in the shop on everything but the 28s, but did get the chance on at least a couple of occations to load and unload 28s from a BUFF. Yea, they were heavy and you knew if your partner mentioned the word "oops", you let go and step away, cause she's coming down. They would bounce, often break the retainer off the back, but otherwise be fine. Would take Tom a few minutes in the shop to check them out and replace the retainer.

On war games, we massed the wntire shop to configure aircraft which consisted of loading chaff and replacing all the 28s with combat ones (we used training settings normally) On 1 exercise, we has one Sgt come up the ramp to the shop carrying 3 ALT-28s at once! Yep. 2 of them bottom to bottom, he held them by the bottom front handle and another in his other hand. He didn't carry them far, but he did get 3 out of the van at once!