What I recall about the Holbrook/Kayenta accident report (memories somewhat faded and I make no claims to the accuracy of any of this info):

The aircraft was descending into terrain which fell away from the aircraft at a rate that pretty much matched the descent rate of the aicraft...as a result the radar altimeter seemed 'stuck'. I seem to remember that both pilots went 'heads down' for a moment to fiddle with the instrument. At which point the right ?? wing clipped the butte and several (six?) feet of the wing were lost.

As the AC pulled back for altitude, the aircraft pitched up and began a slow roll to the right. I recall the copilot saying his attention was diverted to the right by a fireball; while looking at the fireball, he heard the bailout command whereupon he then turned to his left just in time to see the AC's ejection seat going up the rails (in what he reported was like a slow-motion replay). He looked back to see Col. Ivy scrambling back to manually bailout and then he ejected.

During the ejection, the gunner cleared the aircraft, but was struck by the wing of the aircraft which was in the process of coming off the airplane. All others in the seats made it, although Lt. Col. Daspit reportedly went through the fireball (caused by the separating wing) in his seat. (His brother Phil was a Nav in the 9th Bomb Squadron at Carswell - I was in the 20th, the sister squadron.)

I believe that Col Ivy and the gunner were the only two fatalities. Seems to me that Col Ivy was the ADO at Carswell in the early 80s -- anybody else remember that?