If I remember, there were only two t28 with the waveguide. We tried several things. One was an Allen wrench that we cut off enough to fit under the elbow of the waveguide. The other solution was to cut the threaded portion off of the "fillister-head-screw", and just stick the thing in the hole with a llittle "RTV" That worked great until QC found out. Needless to say we had to stop that. I spent most of my time overseas, so I couldn't get one of those round head wrenches. It seems that the ones under the elbow were too tight for even those special wrenches.

Remember the dessicant containers on the waveguides? What a Pain. We started using blue acquarium sand. QC never did find about that. I suppose there are still some old Ds (rip) with dessicant that never turned pink.