I worked on the Giant FISH pods from 1987 to 1989. Most of what has been said is pretty accurate. If I am not mistaken, the two pods were moth balled, and I have since seen one (at Air Fete at RAF Mildenhall in the late 90s), and the crewmember didn't have a clue what the system was. That particular aircraft, 0052, was stationed at Barkesdale. For anyone who doesn't know, there were 3 filter changers for particle samples, two static stations used as reference during data analysis, and 8 gaseous sampling "balls". I was supervising the upload of one that had just returned from depot when the winch broke and the pod came crashing down. This caused quite a stir, but actually very little damage, as it fell into the cradle of the trailer. We had documents that showed two other B-52Hs had been modified for the pods, and I verified one, as it was on station at Carswell and had the electrical connectors still installed. The one issue I have with anything that was said is actually negligible, since it was actually only the mount for the control panel that gunners had to deal with, as the control panel was only installed for Giant FISH missions.