I am a filmmaker currently working on a documentary film about the 1964 crash of a B-52 in western Maryland.  The pilot of the plane was my grandfather, Maj. Thomas W. McCormick.

I appologize if this enquirey is not appropriate for this forum, but I am trying to cast word of this project out as far and wide as possible.  I am in the process of both raising funds for this project and tracking down individuals who may have some connection to the incident.  You can find out more about the project and see a 5 minute video here:

The crash of flight Buzz One Four was one of several crashes that occured as a result of the rear stabilizer being torn off when the aircraft encountered heavy winds.  The plane was carrying two thermonuclear bombs, which were luckily recovered without incident, but only 2 of the 5 crewmembers survived.  Buzz One Four was part of the 484th Bombardment Wing and was returning to Turner AFB after completing an Operation Chrome Dome mission. 

Matt McCormick